Are you buying or selling a home in the Charleston Area? Do you know the Number One problem with homes in the lowcountry (Charleston, Dorchester, Berkeley  and Colleton Counties)? Answer: MOISTURE inside the crawl space and outside on paint, wood-trim siding.

Water Moisture
Water Moisture is a major problem in the Lowcountry

Moisture is one of the most destructive elements that your home will have to stand up to!!! The Charleston area is in the lowcountry, low areas that hold moisture. Lots of rain and wet crawl spaces mean you will have to pay special attention to any outside areas that have exposed painted/caulked surfaces, window frame flashing, door frames, siding joints, eaves, and fascia trim. If these areas have not been painted or maintained properly, then the moist conditions can cause damage to any areas that are exposed to the elements..

The crawl space area is one of the places that can experience some type of damage from moisture. How does moisture get in the crawl space? Lots of rain, humidity, drainage problems, plumbing leaks, and improper ventilation are the major causes. Plumbing leaks around commodes, tubs, and basins can cause extensive damage before being detected. We can and will check the areas of the substructure for problems, leaks, and/or potential problems. Moist conditions in the crawl space can cause thousands of $$$DOLLARS$$$ in damage to the floor system sub-structure. Also moist conditions present in the crawl space can be the right time for some uninvited guests – termites – and termites love moisture. Termites can cause extensive damage to the sub-structure and have been responsible for many thousands of $$$DOLLARS in damage to floor systems that do not have the proper protection from termites and proper ventilation.
Many corrective measures can be taken to protect the crawl space, including but not limited to, adding extra vents (ventilation in the crawl space is often neglected until problems surface), chemical treatments to prevent termites, and moisture barriers. But the most important action you can take is to have someone inspect the crawl space on a regular basis to keep you informed about the condition of your home.

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You need our advice and knowledge to help protect your investment from moisture problems. The investment in your home will be one of the largest, if not the largest, investment that you will make in your lifetime!!